Corpus Christi 2024

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, many families, teachers, alumni, collaborators and students gathered at the Los Cerros Gymnasium to celebrate the traditional Eucharistic procession in honor of [...]

Entrepreneurship Fair: Giants of the Future

Last week, we celebrated the second edition of our entrepreneurship fair. This time, Level B students showcased 17 different category projects. 🙌 It was an incredible experience, with Tenth graders [...]

FAMOF 2024 Grades

Last Saturday, May 25, the Gimnasio de Los Cerros school hosted the graduations of FAMOF in the courses of First Steps, First Conversations, Adolescence, Married Love and Married Love.

II Environmental Summit for Bogota

On May 24, 2024, the second edition of the "Environmental Summit for Bogota" was held at the Los Cerros Gymnasium, with the participation of 30 delegations from [...]

José Antonio del Val Arce

Due to the unexpected death of Mr. Gabriel Carreño, José Antonio del Val Arce took over the rectorship on February 15, 1969.

Flag Raising and Farewell Promotion 2024

Flag Raising: Academic Closing Ceremony On May 20 we held an emotional flag raising ceremony with the entire educational community. During the ceremony, the rector Eduardo Manrique [...]

Cerros Child Development Conference

Last week, our school hosted Dreams Kindergarten families for an enriching conference entitled "Windows of Opportunity for a Happy and Healthy Development." It was a space [...]

Basketball champions - ASOCOLDEP seniors

Champions of the ASOCOLDEP tournament in the Senior category! 🎉 Our students of the senior category won the ASOCOLDEP tournament against Gimnasio Campestre [...]

Confirmations 2024

Our seventh grade students received the sacrament of Confirmation in the Primate Cathedral of Bogota, strengthening the gift of the Holy Spirit received in Baptism.

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