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Let us raise better children, let us build better families.
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Educational project

Alongside parents, we form children, personally and integrally, through the exercise of virtues and values framed in an environment of freedom and responsibility, so that they may be happy men who know how to serve and love others.

For our pedagogical strategy, the person is central. Therefore, each student is the axis of the teaching-learning process.

In this way, he becomes the protagonist of his educational and formative process, and manages to discover his talents and areas to strengthen.
educational project
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International Baccalaureate

The school is part of the International Baccalaureate (IBO), based in Geneva, Switzerland: an academic program that, compared to the maximum officially required standards, offers a greater and more complete preparation to all our students, granting them the title of International Baccalaureates and the possibility of entering the best universities in the country and the world.
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international baccalaureate
Support our Scholarship Fund so that some families with economic problems have the opportunity to study in Cerros


For Los Cerros, making the most of the students' time is important; therefore, the school has several extracurricular activities whose main objective is to provide spaces for learning and the discovery of new skills.
We invite you to enroll your child in the activities offered by the school.


Through sports we educate and train students in the social and sporting aspects of their lives. In addition, we develop and promote opportunities for their healthy growth, instilling the values of respect and friendship.

Table tennis

This sport enhances reflexes and concentration, helping to improve coordination and mental capacity.

Field tennis

Through this sport, the student improves mobility, balance, agility and physical fitness, physical abilities that benefit health.

Design workshop

The digital era is very relevant in this era. This activity covers key tools and techniques for the creation of graphic pieces that help visual communication.


A technology-driven activity that will serve to understand and create robotic machines with incredible functions.

Big Band Cerros

Our Big Band Cerros is focused on teaching musical instruments belonging to the wind, woodwind and percussion family.

Delta Club

The Delta Club is the ideal place to share cultural and sporting moments that reinforce one of the most important values in the school, "Friendship".


On our climbing wall, besides being fun, students will overcome physical and mental challenges to reach the top of their goals.


Thanks to this sport, students work on coordination, agility, reflexes and flexibility. In addition, it is a physical and mental workout that strengthens the whole body and increases aerobic capacity.

French classes

Our students participate in the United Nations Model in which the French language is one of the most used, allowing them to explore the world, taking advantage of knowledge in the second most learned language in the world. These classes are taught by the Alliance Française thanks to an agreement with the school.


A team sport, where teamwork, communication and values such as respect, solidarity, friendship and integrity are developed.
Rugby - Los Cerros Gymnasium


Coexistence Manual

Gimnasio de los Cerros carries out processes for a personal and integral education of the student, which allow him to develop his personality with dignity. An essential part of this education is carried out in freedom and for freedom, through the exercise of human virtues; get to know Los Cerros' coexistence manual.
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Featured articles from our educational blog

Jun 01 - 2023

Integración de las familias de Sexto Grado - Gimnasio de Los Cerros

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - Un día diferente en familia, esto fue lo que sucedió en la integración de Sexto Grado. Realizamos dos integraciones diferentes, una en la mañana al aire libre y apoyando la actividad solidaria del Share Food Cerros 2023. Y otra por la noche, una velada con perros calientes, masmelos y fogata […]
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Jun 01 - 2023

Share Food Cerros 2023

Share Food Cerros. Más de 100 niños de la fundación Funtravidi del barrio El Codito, junto con estudiantes y padres de familia voluntarios de Cerros, participaron en una gran actividad solidaria el pasado sábado 6 de mayo. Gracias a la organización de nuestro equipo de solidaridad, ParCerros, este evento, que tuvo como objetivo entregarle a […]
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May 24 - 2023

Jaime Barinas, Chemistry teacher at Los Cerros Gymnasium

I am Jaime Orlando Barinas Olaya, with a degree in Chemistry from the Universidad Distrital Francisco José De Caldas and a Master's degree in Chemistry from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I have been working here at Gimnasio de Los Cerros for about 12 years and time has gone by very fast. It seems like yesterday when I started [...]
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May 10 - 2023

Crossing the Chicamocha Canyon - Los Cerros Gymnasium

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - Our 8th and 10th grade students had their expedition to Santander. For 4 days we accepted the challenge of crossing the Chicamocha Canyon and we did it! During the trip we took the opportunity to work on our 5 dimensions: Spiritual, technical, sustainability, values and social. In this way, the coordination of [...]
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May 10 - 2023

Celebrating Mother's and Father's Day with Level C - Gimnasio de Los Cerros

Last week we had a special celebration at the Los Cerros Gymnasium with all the families of Level C. With performances by the students, the symphonic band and parents, we had an enjoyable morning in the month of the mother.
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May 10 - 2023

Celebrating Mother's and Father's Day with Level B - Los Cerros Gymnasium

Today we had a special celebration at the Los Cerros Gymnasium with all the Level B families. With performances by the students, the symphonic band and parents, we spent a pleasant morning in the month of the mother.
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May 09 - 2023

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - Celebrating Mother's and Father's Day with Level A

Today we had a special celebration at the Los Cerros Gymnasium with all the families of Level A. With performances by the students, the symphonic band and parents, we spent an enjoyable morning in the month of the mother.
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May 09 - 2023

Integration with Seventh Grade Families - Los Cerros Gymnasium

Seventh grade families shared a morning at the Los Cerros Gymnasium. Accompanied by Father Luis Miguel Bravo, school chaplain. They had a preparation session for parents and sponsors about the Sacrament of Confirmation for this special date.
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May 09 - 2023

Cambridge International English Tests

Cambridge English - Last week, students in grades 2, 4, Pre and 7 took the Cambridge mock tests in order to validate their level of proficiency in English in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at Pre A1, A1, A2 and B1 levels respectively.
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May 09 - 2023

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - We participated in the Fifth National IB Mathematics Competition

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - Juan David Rico and Santiago Prada from grade Eleven obtained the Second Place in this event that had as its theme the application and interpretation of the NM Middle Level. The contest was held at the Girls' Gymnasium. Congratulations to the contestants.
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May 09 - 2023

Los Cerros Gymnasium - Silver Lyre A Level 2023

Los Cerros Gymnasium - Students from Transition to Third grade participated in the Silver Lyre 2023. With poems and songs we saw great performances from the youngest students of our school. Thanks to Asopadres for contributing in one of the winners' prizes!
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May 09 - 2023

Los Cerros Gymnasium - Conference-workshop with teachers and kindergarten directors

On Wednesday, April 26 and Thursday, April 27, 2023, the general conference for teachers was held in the general library of the Gimnasio de Los Cerros school. In these sessions, the role of educators in the construction of brain architecture and early childhood development was discussed. It was in charge of [...]
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May 09 - 2023

Cerros Media - Los Cerros Gymnasium

Gimnasio de Los Cerros - Cerros Media is one of the school's newest facilities, a fully equipped radio booth that fosters the creativity and communication skills of our educational community. In it, students have the opportunity to produce and record their own content, including radio projects and podcasts, among other works.
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May 09 - 2023

The new generation of Experiential Education - Gimnasio de Los Cerros

From April 14 to 16 the first SIED (Skills for Intentional Experience Design) training course was held at the Los Cerros Gymnasium. During these three days our teachers: Angie Franco, Camila Acosta, Jhonatan Betancourt, Camilo Arévalo and David Mora were actively participating in this training. There they addressed [...]
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May 09 - 2023

Introducing the third edition of NotiCerros, only good news

Noticerros - In this edition we will talk about the new logo of Gimnasio de Los Cerros; our graduated teachers and a great international news. Don't miss it!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalized education?

At Los Cerros each student receives a unique and personalized treatment from our teachers and thanks to the teaching based on the person and basic competencies. In addition, each student has, from the moment he/she joins the school, a mentor who accompanies him/her and helps him/her throughout his/her school career.

Why differentiated education?

At Los Cerros we are committed to differentiated education as a way to make the personalization of education a reality, attending to our students according to their needs and characteristics. In this way, we promote an educational model that caters to the differences of each person in order to achieve a higher academic performance, a more complete and balanced personal development, and a real equality of opportunities.

It is one more educational option that enriches the freedom of education and the plurality of options available to families when choosing the type of education they prefer for their children. It has been adopted by countries such as Germany, the United States and Australia with the aim of improving academic and training results.

From what age can a child come to Los Cerros?

A child can attend Los Cerros as a student as young as 5 years old. We have a building exclusively for the youngest children, with a special arrangement with specific breaks and meal times for them.

The Level A stage covers the period from age 5 to age 8, when they enter Level B and continue through the entire school stage up to the eleventh year of Bachillerato (18 years of age).

If I live far away, is there a route or bus option? What locations are covered by the routes? On the route do you travel safely and with responsible people?

Los Cerros has a comfortable and safe transportation service for our students residing in Bogotá and the Sabana municipalities (Chía and Cajicá).

The school provides a transportation service by the hand of a qualified and experienced human talent, as well as with a renewed and innovative fleet of vehicles, offering students a safe and quality transportation.

Is there self-catering or is it catered food?

Los Cerros has its own school restaurant service that offers a daily menu that meets the standards of nutritional balance and governed by the rules of food handling, with ingredients that go through a rigorous process that ensures a completely healthy food, in addition to having a competent and constantly trained staff to process food and always ready to serve our students.

In addition, our menu caters to special diets that include dietary restrictions.

Do you have any questions?
Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.