Level A

From Transition to Third Grade

The formation process has three phases that correspond to the maturation stage of the person and in the school we have segmented it into three levels with specific priorities that attend to this gradual development.

Transition to Third Year Courses

In Level A, which corresponds to grades Transition to Third, the student is getting to know him/herself and the world around him/her. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • Consolidation of the core of virtues related to piety, self-control and order.
  • Artistic, musical, motor, literacy, mathematics and bilingualism development.
  • Playful learning.


Emphasis on oral skills (listening and speaking) at Level A with an hourly intensity of 80 % in Transition; 63 % in First; 63 % in Second and 73 % in Third, as well as a permanent exposure to the English language outside the classroom.

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