Level B

From Fourth to Sixth Grade

The formation process has three phases that correspond to the maturation stage of the person and in the school we have segmented it into three levels with specific priorities that attend to this gradual development.

Fourth through Sixth Grade Courses

In Level B, which corresponds to grades four through six, the student begins to give an account of himself, of others and of the world. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • Consolidation of the core of virtues related to effort, hard work and autonomy, as a basis for the realization of a job well done in ordinary life.
  • To promote a deeper understanding of the concepts, to the extent that there is a greater capacity to integrate knowledge.
  • Encouraging the exploration and development of personal interests through the opening of options in different academic areas.


Bilingualism: Development of the reading and writing process in English (writing and reading) at Level B, with an hourly intensity of 50 % in Fourth Grade; 50 % in Fifth Grade; 50 % in Pre-baccalaureate and 49 % in Sixth Grade.

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