Level C

Seventh through eleventh grades

The formation process has three phases that correspond to the maturation stage of the person and in the school we have segmented it into three levels with specific priorities that attend to this gradual development.

Seventh through Eleventh Grade Courses

In Level C, which corresponds to grades seven through eleven, students take an active role in their personal development and the transformation of their environment. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the following aspects:

  • Consolidation of the core of virtues related to generosity, solidarity and the criterion to act with coherence of life, freedom and responsibility.
  • Development of competencies that allow them to make well-founded and articulated personal proposals.
  • Strengthening of the will to aspire to the development of the common good and to more transcendent personal goods.
  • To deploy a leadership based on service.
  • Stimulate commitment and participation in representative groups with internal and external projection.


Improvement of the four communicative skills (writing, reading, listening and speaking) of Level C, from 7th to 11th grade, with an average hourly intensity of 32 % according to the choices made by the students.

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