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For Los Cerros, making the most of the students' time is important; therefore, the school has several extracurricular activities whose main objective is to provide spaces for learning and the discovery of new skills.

We invite you to enroll your child in the activities offered by the school.


Through sports we educate and train students in the social and sporting aspects of their lives. In addition, we develop and promote opportunities for their healthy growth, instilling the values of respect and friendship.

Table tennis

This sport enhances reflexes and concentration, helping to improve coordination and mental capacity.

Field tennis

Through the white sport, the student improves mobility, balance, agility and physical fitness, physical abilities that benefit health.

Design workshop

The digital era is very relevant in this era. This activity covers key tools and techniques for the creation of graphic pieces that help visual communication.


An activity full of technology that will serve to understand and create robotic machines with incredible functions.

Big Band Cerros

Our Big Band Cerros is focused on teaching musical instruments belonging to the wind, woodwind and percussion family.

Delta Club

The great Delta Club is the ideal place to share cultural and sporting moments that reinforce one of the most important values in the school "Friendship".


On our wall, besides being fun, students will overcome physical and mental challenges to reach the top of their goals.


Thanks to this sport, students work on coordination, agility, reflexes and flexibility. In addition, it is a physical and mental workout that strengthens the whole body and increases aerobic capacity.

French classes

Our students participate in Model United Nations in which the French language is one of the most used, allowing them to explore the world, taking advantage of knowledge in the second most learned language in the world. These classes are taught by the Alliance Française thanks to an agreement with the school.


A team sport, where teamwork, communication and values such as respect, solidarity, friendship and integrity are developed.


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