Gallery: Primero expeditionaries in La Aguadora

Last September, our first grade students enjoyed their expedition La Aguadora 2021. Our experiential learning coordination, Pyrenees, which among others manages its expeditions and hikes program, arranged a fun and challenging day to live two days connected with the outdoors and our five dimensions: social, spiritual, sustainability, technical and school values.

"It was a totally orderly activity, with the necessary care for our children, with totally suitable people to carry out the activities and manage the children. The happiness of my son every day when he came home after the activities was priceless, that is totally satisfactory," commented a parent in the anonymous satisfaction survey.

Photos are not enough to express how wonderful the experience was and how much fun we had. Here, some pictures to relive the activity:

It is certainly an experience we will not forget. From the hand of Pyrenees, many more experiences will come.

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