Perspective of our families

At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, the educational experience is characterized by its personalized approach and unwavering commitment to the integral formation of our students. Through the survey conducted in 2023, both current and new families expressed their opinions about our institution. Participants rated various aspects on a satisfaction scale. Here is a summary of the results.

Opinions of Current Families: A Tradition at the Los Cerros Gymnasium

Since our beginnings, at Gimnasio de Los Cerros we have maintained a firm commitment to work closely with families in the pedagogical, human and spiritual aspects of education. Our educational philosophy focuses on personalized education and the importance of the family as a fundamental pillar of integral formation.

We conduct satisfaction surveys with both new and current families. This survey has allowed us to gather a valuable set of opinions and suggestions. The questions focused on the degree of satisfaction about:

✓ Our personalized education model.

✓ The work of our mentors.

✓ Mental health care.

✓ Cafeteria and dining room service.

✓ Our extracurricular activities.

✓ The transportation service

✓ Bilingualism process

✓ Respect among students

✓ Facilities

These comments and suggestions have become proposals for improvement that we share with our faculty and the Parents' Association. 



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Opinions about the Los Cerros Gymnasium

In the 2022 survey, we shared "Opinions of Los Cerros Gymnasium," which reflect a high level of overall satisfaction. Families gave mostly high ratings, with a number of families being "very satisfied" or "satisfied" (89 %).

At the Los Cerros Gymnasium, we are especially interested in knowing aspects related to three main areas: the integral formation of the students, the coexistence among them and the quality of the facilities and services.

Integral Formation: Human and Academic

Regarding the human formation and mental health monitoring of our students, 96 % of parents rate our emotional support as satisfactory. In addition, we also evaluate the feeling of respect that is experienced in our facilities. Our values and principles are based on respect, which is why improving this feeling of respect is a priority. feature in The interior of our school is vital for a humane education. Families are satisfied in 87 %, and this value can increase in the number of "very satisfied".

At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, we offer families the valuable figure of a mentor, a dedicated educator who guides parents in their children's educational endeavors. This mentor maintains regular communication with students to support them in achieving their educational goals. Families give a "Satisfied" or "very satisfied" (82 %) rating to the accompaniment we provide.

The level of English at the Los Cerros Gymnasium

Regarding our bilingual process, Los Cerros has a high level of certification after our students continue their professional training process. The families rate our Bilingualism process very satisfactorily (82 %), taking into account the immersion programs, the International Baccalaureate and the activities we carry out from A Level.

Los Cerros Gymnasium Services

Ensuring a healthy and balanced diet, while providing a humane service in the dining room, is something that our families appreciate about our school. Overall, 74 % of families are satisfied with this item. 

In addition, another key service for the well-being of families is transportation. We have a large number of routes throughout Bogotá and surrounding municipalities. Families who use this service rate the service provided by Los Cerros with 84 % of satisfaction.

Los Cerros Gymnasium Facilities

The infrastructure of Los Cerros is constantly evolving in order to improve the spaces and adaptability to the needs of each student. This point makes our institution proud because it is the most valued section by our families, since 100 % of the families are very satisfied with our facilities and the constant remodeling we do.

In addition to this, we will have a new building focused on the youngest children (from Transition to Third Grade), as well as creating a space focused on experiential and creative education.

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