Personalized education

Our Educational Project is person-centered and considers the individual as unique and free. For this reason, our curriculum respects and develops the character and abilities of each person. 

We cultivate the potential of our students

Immerse yourself in how we translate this philosophy into the daily life of the school.

Teachers who educate in and out of the classroom

Each of our teachers is a trainer, a friend, a counselor, a guide; in short, a teacher. The teachers of the school are committed to this purpose, aware that their example contributes effectively to the development of the educational project. 

In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have a team of teachers, in permanent training, which allows them to identify themselves more and more with our Educational Project, with an indefinite term of employment. 


Respect and appreciation of diversity are at the core of our educational project because each person is unique and different. Consequently, we adapt the teaching process so that students, as protagonists, explore their own path according to their abilities and talents. We also promote an atmosphere of coexistence that places special emphasis on mutual help and valuing each other for who we are.

Differentiated education (male education)

Educational model that develops its approaches considering that being a man or a woman is an essential feature of each person and that the development processes and expectations are different for each one. Based on this reality, we educate boys in a masculine environment and girls in a feminine environment to favor the strengthening of our students' identity, as well as their relationship with other members of society.


Through personal mentoring, students learn to know themselves, identify their strengths, interests and work on their areas of improvement in a life project based on values and virtues. This individualized counseling allows students to students feel accompanied, grow in self-esteem and forge a mature personality. 

Delta Youth Club

Club Delta was founded in 1962 in Bogota with the objective of strengthening the formative principles that young people receive in the family and at school, teaching them to use their time in an efficient, pleasant and responsible manner. The club responds to the concern of many parents who have seen the need to fill the free time their children have available with educational content. The program of activities established, contemplates the attitude of the respective ages and includes in each one, the following areas: academic, sports, social projection and development of hobbies. 

To complete this formation, various spiritual, doctrinal and religious formation activities are also offered, which are entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church. 


Representative groups and complementary courses

We have spaces within the school schedule that allow each student to be part of a representative group of the school (Model United Nations, sports teams, environmental group, symphonic band, academic olympics, journalism, art exhibitions, theater, etc.) or to explore, in short modules, new areas of interest such as: model airplanes, freestyle (rap), bicycles, programming, solidarity, robotics, Camp CounselingThe program includes: film, design, rugby, climbing, chess, public speaking workshops, entrepreneurship, etc. 


Extended curriculum program which takes place after school hours from Monday to Thursday and Saturday mornings. They help consolidate participation in national teams and other teams representing the school under the coordination of our teaching staff. They also allow students to enroll in programs that allow them to take advantage of their free time while discovering and developing other talents.

Sports and culture

We also offer different alternatives in sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics), ultimateThe students can choose from a basic experience in each of these areas, and after a basic experience in each of them, they can choose those in which they are interested in deepening their knowledge. 

A harmonious educational environment: where each student is valued and recognized.

In order to promote learning, we work in groups with different methodologies in the fundamental areas of reading and writing, English and mathematics.
Curricular and access adjustments for students with disabilities and all those that respond to the characteristics of each student with the participation of the entire community.
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Coexistence Manual

Los Cerros Gymnasium carries out processes for a personal and integral education of the student, which allow him/her to develop his/her personality with dignity. An essential part of this education is carried out in freedom and for freedom, through the exercise of human virtues; get to know Los Cerros' coexistence manual.

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