Welcome to our PQRS System: Questions, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions.

    We're here to listen to you and improve! At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, we value your opinion. Our PQRS system gives you the opportunity to share your questions, complaints, claims and suggestions quickly and easily.

    How does it work?

    QuestionsIf you have any doubts, don't worry, use the questions option to get clear and quick answers about our services.

    ComplaintsIf something didn't go as expected, we want to know about it. Report any inconvenience or dissatisfaction so we can address it immediately.

    ClaimsDid you experience any specific problems? Complaints help us understand what went wrong and work on effective solutions.

    SuggestionsYour feedback is invaluable. Share your ideas and suggestions so that we can make continuous improvements and offer you the best possible experience.

    CongratulationsWould you like to share a positive experience? We would love to hear your congratulations! Your joy is also an important part of our journey.