What is Round Square?

The Round Square Association is a international non-profit network registered in the United Kingdom of more than 230 schools in 50 countries committed to international education and the holistic development of students, which connect and collaborate to offer world-class programs and experiences.

Promotes values such as service, adventure, leadership and cross-cultural understanding, providing enriching educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom. Seing part of Round Square means being part of a global community. that fosters experiential learning and the creation of responsible and conscious leaders.


Round Square provide schools and students with a unique global network that fosters integral development through exceptional educational experiences. By committing to Round Square's core principles, such as ethical ideals, service to others, international awareness and adventure, the
association seeks to develop responsible leaders and global citizens.

What is Round Square looking for?

The aim is to create an educational environment that goes beyond academicsoffering opportunities for personal growth, cross-cultural understanding and
global connection.


The interest of Gimnasio de los Cerros in being part of Round Square lies in the alignment of its values, mission and vision with what Round Square can offer. alignment of its values, mission and vision with what Round Square has to offer.
Reinforce the focus on integral education:

Covering not only the academic aspect, but also the physical, social and emotional.

International learning opportunities:

Round Square offers international programs and activities, such as cultural exchanges, community projects, and international conferences, developing intercultural skills.

Strengthen values and ethics in education:

Through the Round Square core values of responsibility, compassion, integrity, adventure, discovery and leadership.

Participation in international conferences and events:

Where leadership and global citizenship are developed.

Access to a global support network:

It provides access to a global network of schools and educators committed to educational excellence. This allows for the exchange of best practicesThe company also offers the possibility of collaborating in educational projects and establishing alliances and partnerships for the benefit of students.


These values (IDEALS) are the basis of Round Square's actions and programs, and are integrated into education to form committed, responsible students and global citizens. and global citizens.

Round Square promotes global understanding and cross-cultural awareness. Students are encouraged to connect with
people from different cultures, develop empathy for others and appreciate the diversity of the world.


Round Square values active participation and collective decision-making. It encourages respect for the rights and opinions of all individuals, and seeks to create an inclusive and equitable environment.


Round Square cares about the environment and promotes sustainability. Students are encouraged to understand environmental challenges and take responsible action to protect and preserve the environment.


Round Square believes in learning through experience and exploration. Students are encouraged to face challenges, step out of their comfort zone and develop leadership and resilience skills.


Round Square encourages leadership development in all students. They are encouraged to acquire ethical and effective leadership skills, and
who are able to positively influence their community and the world.


Round Square promotes service to others and community involvement. Students are encouraged to participate in community service projects, to be aware of the needs of others, and to make meaningful contributions.


Students can participate directly:

Exchanges with other schools of the association (staying in student houses of the school or in the school dormitory).

Global conferences (1 week, once a year). 

International Conferences (in our case, the Americas).

Global projects promoted by the schools in each region.

Research processes led by some universities requesting support.

Service Projects (2 times a year, 2/3 weeks)


✓ Initiatives in which the school takes part.

✓ Initiatives led by schools in Colombia and the city.



Students and teachers from Round Square schools have the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate local, regional and global conferences. These conferences bring them together with peers from different countries to share their experiences.
perspectives, discuss current issues, forge friendships, support local communities and develop international understanding. Each year, there are many
different conference opportunities available, and these are announced through a weekly newsletter sent to each school.

Round Square Postcards and Language Labs

Round Square schools take turns sending out a weekly 'Postcard' invitation to invite students from around the world to join a 60- or 90-minute Zoom call organized by their own students on a topic of their choice. Typically bringing together between 70 and 150 students from up to 30 schools each week, the postcards combine informal talks with formal presentations,
questions and answers, debates and group discussions, games and quizzes. Students also have the opportunity to organize and
participate in language labs, in which host students lead conversations in their native language for participating students who are learning that language

Service Projects

Students and faculty from Round Square schools can participate in Round Square International Service Projects (RSIS). Executed to the highest standards of quality and safety, these bring together participants from Member Schools around the world to work together in mixed international teams in support of communities in need.

Student Exchange

Round Square schools are connecting to create opportunities for students and teachers to develop international understanding, confidence in
themselves and a variety of interpersonal skills through study or exchange work at another school in the network.


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