Scholarship Fund

We invite alumni, families and friends of the Los Cerros Gymnasium to make donations. With your help we will make it possible for many children to continue receiving the best education in Los Cerros.

What is the scholarship fund?

The scholarship fund has been established to help, in whole or in part, with tuition and room and board for families in need. Children of families who, due to insurmountable circumstances, have fallen into extreme economic hardship and do not have sufficient means to cover educational costs.

Donations can be made by companies, organizations, alumni, officials, directors, family and friends of Colegio Los Cerros.

How can I donate

Through consignment or bank transfer to the following account:

Account Type: Savings
Bank: Davivienda
Account number: 457500056504
Title: Corporación Educativa Central
Tax ID: 800.143.557-6

If you prefer, make your donation with your debit or credit card by clicking on the following button.


Support our Scholarship Fund so that some families with economic problems have the opportunity to study in Cerros

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