The University of British Columbia awards our student José Gabriel Tovar with three scholarships!

This university, recognized as one of the 40 best in the worldThe company awarded three important scholarships to our eleventh grade student José Gabriel Tovar, who, for his academic excellence, dedication and effort, achieved these distinctions, which will undoubtedly be decisive for his professional training.

The scholarships received were:

- "International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES).
- Bachelor of Commerce International Entrance Scholarship (BCOM Award).
- Outstanding International Student (OIS Award).

"I thank first of all God, for his constant blessing, my parents, siblings and family, for always being there and supporting me; my friends, teachers, the Los Cerros Gymnasium and all those people who have "been there" and have allowed me to pursue what I love so much, in one way or another, and, finally, the whole group of people from the Colombian Olympics. Thank you all for allowing me to dream and pursue so many projects," said José Gabriel.

Congratulations you are #OrgulloCerros!

Student obtains scholarships

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