Who we are

We have 59 years of experience, forming and educating with solid Catholic values and virtues, in an environment of freedom and responsibility.

Our beginnings

In 1964, Don Gonzalo Alemani, Regional Vicar of Opus Dei in Colombia, traveled to Rome and met with St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of the Prelature of Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church. This meeting led to the idea of promoting education through families and schools in our country.
From that moment on, a group of teachers and parents met at the residence of Fernando Escallón to follow the will of St. Josemaría. On this occasion, the Gimnasio de Los Cerros school was born, an educational institution in which we have come to the conclusion that a person is freer the more he/she knows how to love. And this does not happen spontaneously. The freedom to love has to be educated.

Our history

After 59 years, Los Cerros is the materialization of the idea of the founder of Opus Dei and the hard work of founders, promoters, directors, chaplains, teachers and administrative staff, general services and food personnel, all united to create a school with an unparalleled social, cultural and spiritual function.


The mission of Gimnasio de Los Cerros, together with the parents, is to educate their children, personally and integrally, through the exercise of virtues and values, in an environment of freedom and responsibility, so that they may be happy men and know how to serve and love others.


Gimnasio de Los Cerros shall be a school in which parents, administrators, teachers, mentors, other collaborators and members of the educational community, integrate a solidly united and professionally prepared team to fulfill its mission, instilling in the students a conscious and active participation in their formation process.


Family-School Commitment
The family and the school work together in the education of their children. Parents are recognized as the first and foremost educators of their children.
Personal Education
At Gimnasio de Los Cerros, the formative process is mainly directed to the student. Each student is formed as a unique person and, to this end, all of them have a mentor who helps them, together with their teachers, in their personal development and in the construction of their life project.
Integral Education
The school establishes a synthesis of spiritual, ethical, cognitive, affective, psychological, physical, social, aesthetic and ecological components, leading to a harmonious development of the personality, moving from theory to practice.
High Academic Level
The school seeks to foster excellence through a stimulating academic program, which leads the student to the full development of diverse thinking skills, so that they are inquirers, informed and educated, thinkers, good communicators, open-minded, enterprising, balanced and reflective.
Religious Education
Man is a spiritual and religious being. Therefore, special importance is given in the school to the formation of these two dimensions of the person, coherently following the teachings of the Catholic Church. Spiritual and religious guidance is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church.
Training of Leaders
Students are expected to become leaders who guide and serve others through actions that enable the advancement and improvement of society and the environment.
International Character
Without losing their national identity, students must be open to the world; therefore, they must acquire a broad culture and master English, as a relevant international language, in order to communicate with the world. The school is bilingual and is affiliated to the International Baccalaureate Organization.
Training for life
The school's educational project aims for all learning to have an impact on the student's daily life, so that he/she becomes a transforming agent for the improvement of society and the environment.
Development of Creativity and Initiative
The school fosters a welcoming environment for the proposals of students, parents, teachers and other collaborators, so that these can be deployed with innovative visions, which serve to solve important problems of society and the environment.
The school promotes new technologies as a function of its educational project, so that it can better deploy its educational potential. 

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At Gimnasio de los Cerros we value each individual in all his dignity, as a child of God, unique and unrepeatable, appreciating in the differences the enrichment of each person, of society and of the environment.
In our interpersonal relationships we seek to reach a personal, stable, firm and faithful relationship, in which we get to know the other person and accept him/her as he/she is, being generous, sincere and self-sacrificing, always ready to help. Our friendship must be intentionally open to every person, welcoming and sharing with the other, dedicating the necessary time to him, understanding him, excusing and forgiving him, when necessary; in short, loving him sincerely, even when we do not share the same ideas and convictions. We understand that there is a friendship between: God and man, spouses, sweethearts, parents and children, siblings, classmates and between teachers and students, generating trust and empathy in these relationships, uniting common interests to seek and find the true good and true happiness, inserted in the social fabric, also seeking the common good. In each of these friendly relationships there is a different communication of one's own intimacy. True friendship leads us to see others with the eyes of Christ, respecting the freedom and intimacy of each person, striving to make life pleasant for others.
We value and seek the truth. We strive to live, behave and speak as we think. This gives us unity and sincerity of life.
The industriousness
We attach great importance to this value, aware that man has been created by God to perfect creation through work and study, and also that this is the means for the development of one's own personality, values and virtues. It is the environment in which we can, in a very natural way, serve others and perfect society. Therefore, we want to do our work and study well, offering it to God, with responsibility, punctuality, constancy, and making good use of the treasure of time.
We seek to be united to our mission and to the principles that guide education in our school. We try to live loyalty with our directors, with our colleagues, with our parents and with our students. We all do our best to create an atmosphere of trust in the school, as a result of this loyalty and unity. We comment on the things that can be improved to the people within the institution who have the authority and can do something about it. We do not whisper or speak ill of anyone, neither of our school nor of any other institution. When we have to correct someone, we do it: face to face, alone, without hurting, with prudence and charity, with the permanent and sincere purpose of improving the people and the institution.
We are aware of the privilege that God has given us to be part of this school, but, also, that this benefit is not available to everyone. This reality motivates us to love and serve others, giving the best of each one of us, especially those most in need.
This value allows us, as a result of our effort and teamwork, to perform the task or work well. For this reason, at Los Cerros we constantly train ourselves to be updated in pedagogy and technological innovations at the service of education and to achieve personal excellence and that of our students.
The joy
We are aware that, as children of God, we must always be sowers of peace and joy in the place and circumstances in which we find ourselves, making life kind and pleasant for others. We strive to offer the Lord our weariness, difficulties, sickness, personal defects and those of others. Our approach to education is optimistic, positive and hopeful.
Trust and confidence

We can define the trust as the habit that people have of thinking that, based on reality, others, with whom we relate, wish us well and will act accordingly. Colloquially we say that we have trust in a person or an institution when we believe or have faith in it.




At Los Cerros we believe that our model of differentiated education is optimal to develop the integral formation of each student.


International training is facilitated and enhanced; the intention is to facilitate the study of another language and to adapt to international environments.


The school is part of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). This academic program offers a greater and more complete preparation to all our students, which gives them the title of International Baccalaureate and the possibility of entering the best universities in the country and the world.


From the Transition grade we have the purpose of training our students with English as a second language.


We seek to enhance all the skills and aptitudes of each person, always with a comprehensive training that reinforces their preferences and develops new knowledge.


We encourage each student to become a person with values, always with the intention of serving and helping the community. Leadership based on service seeks to integrate the good being of each citizen into everyday life through his or her actions.


The family is the basis of society, that is why it must be cared for and educated. At Lo Cerros we like to take care of parents and educate them as good mentors for their children.

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